today was MUCH better

much much much better. besides the fact that i was sick all day, it was a good day. you know that chem quiz everyone failed? i got an 80. gym wasn't bad at all, i actually love the new gym teacher and soccer will surely be fun with her. i was playing midfield today, which basically means you run around and don't have to do much. you let the offense be offensive, the defense be defensive, and you basically run around pretending to help them. actually, i do try now and then, i'm not bad at soccer and i dont hate it. i suddenly remembered soccer of 2 years ago, when joe used to like BOOT the ball down the field and it was just amazing. that was when i didnt know him. in compy we had a study. we did fun activities in french and joo was actually funny and not all "i'm so much cooler than you two."

we started self-reliance (by emerson) in english today and i really love it. i spent forever on my response essay and i didnt want to stop writing. its only 2.25 pages double spaced, but i worked hard on it and i hope it is good. i'm still bad at writing essays though.

i also had french homework, and that was easy. i neglected to work on the history stuff which is due monday and will probably take me forever to do.

today was a very good day. my mom took katie and i (and the dog) to west boylston, we went to pinecroft and got ice cream (ohhh nostalgia...ohhh the memories!) and there was a very very hot platinum blonde boy there and i was like wow you're really hot. i didnt say it OUT LOUD obviously... anyway i got a peppermint ice cream and it was da shit.

we went to the rail trail and walked, its 2 miles there and back. lots of funny convos and stuff, but it ended in katie being all bitchy because she wanted deodorant REALLY BAD. when she calmed down my mom agreed to drop us off at CVS, and she went and got her deodorant, and i got AXE ~ Phoenix. it smells unbelievably good. i told vanessa when i got home and we had a fun convo about how axe is hotness in a can. it really is, and it really works. i went on the website and did all these random games and stuff.

did my homework..now i'm writing this.

SO tommorow...it'll be a good day. i have chem first, getting that out of the way, a study/workonallyourassignments period. then precal, we'll go over stuff for the quiz, then compy. i get to hang out with YKW. fix yet another computer. jay and jareds monitor is STILL broken and i laugh in their face. actually- she was out today, maybe she'll be out again tommorow and i'll have that study- then ANOTHER study with franny, then end the day with french and english. after the GSA meeting at lunch, that is. then lyd will come over on the bus, we will hang out and it will be good times. katie convinced my dad not to come tommorow though, so he will be taking us out on next tuesday. then i have work to do from 6:30-8, then the OC is on, and i will have to tape it or "dices" HOPEFULLY i can tape it, but i'm freaking retarded when it comes to stupid things like that.

then friday jack and i are having a movie party and we will watch the oc episode, saved, scary movie 3, edward scissorhands, or whatever we want.

then its the freakin weekend imma bout to have me sum fun!!!! bounce bounce bounce etc.... OHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh r. kelly.

anyway i'm happy now. i need to get to sleep though, its 11 and i get up at 6.



Blogger Hideo Watanabe said...

Emerson rocks. It's cool that you like him because I really do too.

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