woo! all done :)

so i had it orange/purple for a while...and it lookd good..but i think it looks better all orange. i love th ecolor orange. and the song hella good. and samurai's and stuff. AND the phrase "va voir dehors si j'y suis" feel free to ask me what it means..its fun hehe.

so i was in a chat and several IM's last night, and i dont remember ending any of them, but all i know is my away message was up when i woke up, i was signed out of my comp, and the monitor was off. i dont remember going to sleep either. its so weird! usually if i fall asleep during a chat, i dont wake up in my bed. or logged out, and away. its just strange, is all.

its almost like i was knocked out with a tranq dart. o_O i dont remember going to sleep! its weird.

hehe i think i'm gonna recode the bzoink quizzes to make them match the design, and make it so blogger puts less posts on one page. its too big!


today is 9/11. time has flown, hasnt it? that was years ago. i bet west boylston will get a bunch of patrons to see fahrenheit today.

well anyway, i give my respects to those who died and those who had to witness it firsthand. that must have been terrible. i hate thinking about 9/11 though, it makes me wicked depressed.

bush better not get re-elected.


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