you resist just to resist

yay for time and time again by chronic future. also yay for the fact that i havent written in forever.

so yeah....i might retheme for a halloween thing...lol.

i dont even feel like writing! i tried to call some people but they weren't around :-/ its upsetting!

i'm so ditching this, i'll work on my level or something. bye!


the art of stealing quizzes: part II

What songs are for...
...the opening scene?: the battle of life and death - good charlotte
...the random partying scene?: bootylicious vinyl - zebrahead
...the shopping scene?: you get me - michelle branch
...the scene where you meet the hot guy/girl?: you're so damn hot - ok go
...the scene where you do something stupid in front of said guy/girl?: hazard to myself (so uncreative, lol) - p!nk
...the rainy day scene?: come clean - hillary duff
...the melancholy driving scene?: into dust - mazzy star
...the happy driving scene?: subtract you - zebrahead
...the scene where the guy/girl asks you out?: you and i both - jason mraz
...the scene where you find out it was a joke?: cry - mandy moore
...the scene where someone close to you dies?: mary's in india - dido
...the prom scene?: rock it till you drop it - fefe dobson
...the graduation scene?: Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
...the scene where that cool person asks you out for real?: weight of the world - chantal kreviazuk
...the hookup scene?: lala - ashlee simspon
...the breakup scene?: if you're not the one - daniel bedingfield
...the rebound scene?: addicted - simple plan
...the makeup scene?: this i promise you - *NSYNC
...the wedding scene?: soar - christina aguilera
...the closing credits?: when i look to the sky - train
...the song that's not actually in the movie, but's all over the radio?: milkshake - kelis


the art of stealing quizzes


x. Slept in your bed: my crazy sexy lesbian lover.
x. Saw you cry: you don't need to know that. its too random.
x. Made you cry: myself.
x. You shared a drink with: that crazy hooker at the bar. wow, that was a wild night.
x. You went to the movies with: vanessa, for the forgotten.
x. You went to the mall with: i was kind of there with my dad an hour ago, but just to eat. if that doesnt count, that'd be vanessa too.
x. Yelled at you: i dont know, but probably karl. not to rag on him, because i'm really sick of ragging on him. even though i hate him.
x. Sent you an e-mail: mary beth freaking cahill from the john kerry society. asking for donations. AGAIN!!!


x. Said "I love you" and meant it?: yes.
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: cookie. he's evil.
x. Been to California: in transit to aussie, yes.
x. Been to Hawaii: nope.
x. Been to Mexico: cozumel, yes.
x. Been to China: nope, but i will someday.
x. Been to Canada: nope.
x. Danced naked: nope.
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: i looooove deja vu!
x. Wish you were the opposite sex: i practically am.
x. Had an imaginary friend: your mom. oh wait- she was real.


x. Do you have a crush on someone: 8.04 x 104 people (yay scientific notation).
x. What book are you reading now: sabriel for me, and scarlet letter for p. doherty.
x. Worst feeling in the world: doing something really stupid or losing someone.
x. Future son's name: something cool.
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope.
x. What's under your bed: old school stuff and like shoeboxes lol.
x. Favorite sports to watch: quidditch.
x. Siblings: kasey katie michelle nathan and matthew. if they count.
x. Location: your moms pants. AKA boylston.
x. College plans: somewhere small and good.
x. Piercings/tattoos: not yet.
x. Boyfriend/girlfriend: not at the moment no...


x. Do you do drugs: never.
x. Do you drink: probably never. i really dont think that when i can legally drink i will drink. at least not much. i hate what it does to people.
x. Who is your best friend: i'm pretty much really close to all my friends, i'm not going to play favorites.
x. What are you most scared of: doing something stupid in front of people.
x. What clothes do you sleep in: old clothes that are comfortable but unfashionable.
x. Where do you want to get married: massachusetts.
x. Who do you really hate: bush, cheney, karl. accent on bush and cheney.
x. Do you drive: not yet.
x. Do you have a job: yes.
x. Do you like being around people: sometimes, it depends.
x. Are you for world peace: p-chaw, like that would work. but hey, it'd be cool.


x. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yes, but i try not to. sadly, i fail.
x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: yes.
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: i dont really "go after" anyone.
x. Want someone you don't have right now: yes.
x. Are you lonely right now: i dunno.
x. Song thats stuck in your head a lot: nothing better, in da club, milkshake, fly away, yeah!, baby it's you.
x. Do you want to get married: we'll see.
x. Do you want kids: meh, maybe.


x. Room in house: my room.
x. Type(s) of music: rock/pop and everything in between.
x. Band(s): shall i unleash the comprehensive list? linkin park, zebrahead, switchfoot, yellowcard, evanescence, good charlotte, blink-182, michelle branch, hillary duff, ashlee simpson, avril, the black eyed peas, vanessa carlton, dido, thursday, hoobastank, story of the year, POD, a perfect circle, christina aguilera, dashboard confessional, fefe dobson, lifehouse, korn, muse, p!nk, papa roach, sixpence none the richer, the prodigy, spice girls (yes, i know...), three days grace....
x. Color: black, grey, blue, red, orange, green, purple
x. Perfume or cologne: AXE. and kirra, they're both good.
x. Month: april, june, july, august, december.
x. Stone: blarney.


x. Cried: yes.
x. Bought something: come to think of it, no.
x. Gotten sick: yes, in many ways.
x. Sang: along with music.
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: yep.
x. Met someone new: nope.


john kerry is fantastic

the debate was great- they even brought up gay marriage.

so here's my view. john kerry responds to a question with an answer, using clear words and just generally making sense. then it's bush's turn. what does he do? hesitate, maybe laugh, try to make a funny comment.

i have to agree with one of the commentator guys- neither of the candidates answered the questions about funds. the fact is, they have no plan on where to get money. i think kerry is better at covering this up though. yes, that's a good thing :p

kerry will say a loss of funds or something is bush's fault, but bush will just blame it on something else.

kerry's closing statements were just fantastic.

so the polls are about 50/50 right now. i was psyched to see a poll on spoono in which 57% favored kerry, 30something favored bush, and the rest was something else. i know that only targets graphic designers because most people dont really go to that site for political debates...but still, it makes me happy.

so about gay marriage. i love what kerry said. for me, it really isn't the MARRIAGE. its the RIGHTS that come with it. sanctity of marriage is wonderful and i'm all for that, but like kerry said, this is the united states, and we cannot deny people rights beause of sexual orientation. therefore, gays should have some kind of union in which they can share property/visit each other in hospitals etc.

bush is just like fuck gay people. i think its a choice. i dont like them. what? cheney's daughter? i'm going to not adress that because it makes me sad. meh!!!

i just read an article today, published ages ago, that PROVES that it's all genetics, and not about choice. it isn't about choice. i was gay before i knew it, then i realized what i was feeling. oh and by the way- i tried to like girls because i thought i was supposed to, but it didnt work out. put that in your pipe and smoke it, dubya.

my mom says that people want to see kerry as someone they can vote for because they hate bush. i agree with that.

kerry has great views, he could be a great leader, and is much better at speaking. he doesn't try to make people laugh about stupid things (want some wood? etc) to ease the tension. the fact is, there are problems, and kerry wants to solve them, and has a way of doing it. bush comes up with these bogus figures about how kerry voted against things, and kerry is like hey thats not true, i may have voted against something 92 times, but when i turned against my party i voted for it 600 times. bush was like ummm bullshit. who would know better? i think kerry would.

anyway those are the views of a stupid biased liberal kid...doesn't mean much but i think kerry is unlimitedly better in so many ways.

i'm getting into zebrahead..they kick ass. the song tommorow by SR-71 is fantastic. i got some new music today if you didn't notice.

halloween party coming up soon, as well as the chem paper due date and several other things.


what a shitty day

so i dont want to write much, just enough to inform those of you who may have questions. i felt wicked sick all day and only stayed long enough to finish the PSAT. then my mom came and brought me home. i just wanted to scream "fuck the psat" and then go throw up. ugh.

so today was totally horrible and i wish it never happened.

does anyone want to go to the mall? jack, we need to hit salvy's before the party at some point. ummm any other messages for people.........i dunno.



boo and a half!

so today was a day for changing things around.

i totally rethemed my computer, including wallpaper, windowblinds theme and winamp skin. they all look highly cool. then i redid my journal. its not quite perfect, i still have to do music and something with the shoutbox, but its what i wanted.

i sent RelicHunter a demo of my game today, hope he likes it. i got loads done on it today. i will send it to zach once he gets GetRight.

so i need to write about lots of stuff..but now is not the time. i'm tired and i need to finish 2 chapters of A (the scarlet letter for those of you who dont get my wittiness)

so my new proactiv stuff came today. i dont usually like to talk about this subject, but this is really going to do wonders for me. i got the skin lightening lotion, and what it does is lighten the "hyperpigmentation" which is dark marks (no harry potter reference :p) made by past acne. thats really MOSTLY what i have now, besides a tiny bit of scarring, and i have stuff for that too. so what does this mean? my face is going to look loads better in a few weeks (and it doesnt even look too bad right now)

so i am very psyched about that. its all going to be even toned and nice.

i'll write about king richards faire, jack/joes birthday present, halloween party and various other things tommorwo, or tommorow morning. i need to read and sleep!

love ya!



today was a wonderful, wonderful day. there should be some more days like this one.

two of the funniest things EVER

1 so today in chem we were going over mixtures and solutions, and when alice got to solutions, she said (in her crazy romanian accent as always)

"one of my attractive female students answered a question about solutions in the other class"

and i was like oh my goodness gee golly gosh alice you are hysterical.

then i found out in history that alice was in fact talking about emily! ohhhh alice...

2 michelle wasnt on the bus, so katie and i did our hanging-out-in-the-kitchen-talking-and-eating thing, but then after like a half hour michelle drove in and we were like

"OH MY GOD RUN! get your stuff! GET OUT! bye! see you later! have fun at the mall! thanks, have fun at daddies! RUN!"

and it was just fucking funny. we like scatter when karl and michelle show up. it was hysterical.

so i'm also really psyched about today because

a) the mall is wicked fricking awesome
b) vanessa is wicked ficking awesome (and i barely ever get to see her)
c) the forgotten should be wicked fricking awesome

and we are combining the 3 :D

it was generally a good day and it passed sooner than i thought it would.

so i'm psyched and waiting for an hour from now.

until then i'm gonna work on my level.




so i just typed out all the lyrics to "ironic" and bolded and italicized certain parts and it looked wicked good but blogger decided to DIE on me....

lets see if this works: (if not, i'm not bothering to fix it)

  |     |
  /        /        \


an old man turned 98
he won the lottery...and died the next day
its a black fly in your chardonnay
its a death row pardon, two minutes too late
and isnt it ironic, dontcha think?

its like rain on your wedding day
its a free ride when you've already paid
its the good advice thatcha just didn't take
and who wouldve thought? it figures...

mr. play it safe was afraid to fly
he packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye
he waited his whole damn life
to take that flight
and as the plane crashed down, he thought
'well isnt this nice?'
and isnt it ironic? dontcha think?

its like rain on your wedding day
its a free ride when you've already paid
its the good advice thatcha just didn't take
and who wouldve thought? it figures...

well life has a funny way
of sneakin up on ya when ya think everythings okay
and everythings going right...
and life has a funny way of helpin you out when ya think
everythings gone wrong and everything blows up in ya face

traffic jam...when you're already late
a no smoking sign, on your cigarette break
its like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
its meeting the man of my dreams...and then meeting his beautiful wife...
and isnt it ironic...dontcha think
a little toooo ironic, and yeah i really do think

its like rain on your wedding day
its a free ride when you've already paid
its the good advice thatcha just didn't take
and who wouldve thought? it figures...

yea and life has a funny way...of sneakin up on you...
and life has a funny, funny way...of helpin you out...of helpin you out...



i'm at my dads for the weekend. if, when you know i'm not at work, you need me: 508-865-5488 FEEL FREE TO CALL! :) also, visit me at work or enjoy a painful death! :)

bye guys