the art of stealing quizzes: part II

What songs are for...
...the opening scene?: the battle of life and death - good charlotte
...the random partying scene?: bootylicious vinyl - zebrahead
...the shopping scene?: you get me - michelle branch
...the scene where you meet the hot guy/girl?: you're so damn hot - ok go
...the scene where you do something stupid in front of said guy/girl?: hazard to myself (so uncreative, lol) - p!nk
...the rainy day scene?: come clean - hillary duff
...the melancholy driving scene?: into dust - mazzy star
...the happy driving scene?: subtract you - zebrahead
...the scene where the guy/girl asks you out?: you and i both - jason mraz
...the scene where you find out it was a joke?: cry - mandy moore
...the scene where someone close to you dies?: mary's in india - dido
...the prom scene?: rock it till you drop it - fefe dobson
...the graduation scene?: Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson
...the scene where that cool person asks you out for real?: weight of the world - chantal kreviazuk
...the hookup scene?: lala - ashlee simspon
...the breakup scene?: if you're not the one - daniel bedingfield
...the rebound scene?: addicted - simple plan
...the makeup scene?: this i promise you - *NSYNC
...the wedding scene?: soar - christina aguilera
...the closing credits?: when i look to the sky - train
...the song that's not actually in the movie, but's all over the radio?: milkshake - kelis


Blogger Mystical Dragon said...

Hey Mike! (replying to the comment u left me...) Thanks for that clothes compliment! =D I wish I could win that best dressed thing, but it would probably be like, Gina or someone in that "popular" gang lol. And that's AWESOME how Mr. Doherty copied those papers, oh man, that rocks! :) He's definately my fav teacher!

OH man, he was passing back our tests Friday, and he goes, "Vanessa, you gotta do better on your next test, ok?" and I was turned around and I looked back at him and I was like "Oh shit, I must've BOMBED" but I looked at it and it was a 99 and I laughed and said "haha, ok!" and he wrote like "WOOHOO" and stuff on my paper lol it was good.

Damn, sorry I just wrote a friggen ENTRY in your journal! Sorry!

Yes, the mall sometime with you and em, jackie, etc would be awesome! Let's PLAN it this time haha ;)

<3 Vanessa

1:34 PM  

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