boo and a half!

so today was a day for changing things around.

i totally rethemed my computer, including wallpaper, windowblinds theme and winamp skin. they all look highly cool. then i redid my journal. its not quite perfect, i still have to do music and something with the shoutbox, but its what i wanted.

i sent RelicHunter a demo of my game today, hope he likes it. i got loads done on it today. i will send it to zach once he gets GetRight.

so i need to write about lots of stuff..but now is not the time. i'm tired and i need to finish 2 chapters of A (the scarlet letter for those of you who dont get my wittiness)

so my new proactiv stuff came today. i dont usually like to talk about this subject, but this is really going to do wonders for me. i got the skin lightening lotion, and what it does is lighten the "hyperpigmentation" which is dark marks (no harry potter reference :p) made by past acne. thats really MOSTLY what i have now, besides a tiny bit of scarring, and i have stuff for that too. so what does this mean? my face is going to look loads better in a few weeks (and it doesnt even look too bad right now)

so i am very psyched about that. its all going to be even toned and nice.

i'll write about king richards faire, jack/joes birthday present, halloween party and various other things tommorwo, or tommorow morning. i need to read and sleep!

love ya!


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