john kerry is fantastic

the debate was great- they even brought up gay marriage.

so here's my view. john kerry responds to a question with an answer, using clear words and just generally making sense. then it's bush's turn. what does he do? hesitate, maybe laugh, try to make a funny comment.

i have to agree with one of the commentator guys- neither of the candidates answered the questions about funds. the fact is, they have no plan on where to get money. i think kerry is better at covering this up though. yes, that's a good thing :p

kerry will say a loss of funds or something is bush's fault, but bush will just blame it on something else.

kerry's closing statements were just fantastic.

so the polls are about 50/50 right now. i was psyched to see a poll on spoono in which 57% favored kerry, 30something favored bush, and the rest was something else. i know that only targets graphic designers because most people dont really go to that site for political debates...but still, it makes me happy.

so about gay marriage. i love what kerry said. for me, it really isn't the MARRIAGE. its the RIGHTS that come with it. sanctity of marriage is wonderful and i'm all for that, but like kerry said, this is the united states, and we cannot deny people rights beause of sexual orientation. therefore, gays should have some kind of union in which they can share property/visit each other in hospitals etc.

bush is just like fuck gay people. i think its a choice. i dont like them. what? cheney's daughter? i'm going to not adress that because it makes me sad. meh!!!

i just read an article today, published ages ago, that PROVES that it's all genetics, and not about choice. it isn't about choice. i was gay before i knew it, then i realized what i was feeling. oh and by the way- i tried to like girls because i thought i was supposed to, but it didnt work out. put that in your pipe and smoke it, dubya.

my mom says that people want to see kerry as someone they can vote for because they hate bush. i agree with that.

kerry has great views, he could be a great leader, and is much better at speaking. he doesn't try to make people laugh about stupid things (want some wood? etc) to ease the tension. the fact is, there are problems, and kerry wants to solve them, and has a way of doing it. bush comes up with these bogus figures about how kerry voted against things, and kerry is like hey thats not true, i may have voted against something 92 times, but when i turned against my party i voted for it 600 times. bush was like ummm bullshit. who would know better? i think kerry would.

anyway those are the views of a stupid biased liberal kid...doesn't mean much but i think kerry is unlimitedly better in so many ways.

i'm getting into zebrahead..they kick ass. the song tommorow by SR-71 is fantastic. i got some new music today if you didn't notice.

halloween party coming up soon, as well as the chem paper due date and several other things.



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