two of the funniest things EVER

1 so today in chem we were going over mixtures and solutions, and when alice got to solutions, she said (in her crazy romanian accent as always)

"one of my attractive female students answered a question about solutions in the other class"

and i was like oh my goodness gee golly gosh alice you are hysterical.

then i found out in history that alice was in fact talking about emily! ohhhh alice...

2 michelle wasnt on the bus, so katie and i did our hanging-out-in-the-kitchen-talking-and-eating thing, but then after like a half hour michelle drove in and we were like

"OH MY GOD RUN! get your stuff! GET OUT! bye! see you later! have fun at the mall! thanks, have fun at daddies! RUN!"

and it was just fucking funny. we like scatter when karl and michelle show up. it was hysterical.

so i'm also really psyched about today because

a) the mall is wicked fricking awesome
b) vanessa is wicked ficking awesome (and i barely ever get to see her)
c) the forgotten should be wicked fricking awesome

and we are combining the 3 :D

it was generally a good day and it passed sooner than i thought it would.

so i'm psyched and waiting for an hour from now.

until then i'm gonna work on my level.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it bad that Alice like wants to have my children? Seriously. That's like 3rd time she's called me pretty. I think it's cuz we have like the same hair. hahaha.

Good times.

Love, Em

10:08 PM  
Blogger crack said...

its too bad she wants your children...because she doesn't have a penis...


11:03 PM  

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