omg! im so psyched!

so i was talking to teresa and she was like you should come to DK. and i'm seriously considering it. the downsides are the price tag (even though i could rake in at least half or two thirds of the $500 during christmas) and the fact that em and sarah's parents might not be too psyched about a guy going with them. actually they wouldn't like it at all. but hopefully we can work on that. i think my mom would let me go if i paid for it myself, at least mostly.

i <3 teresa muchly and it'd be so awesome to stay over there for a week. it'd be in february, or if i couldn't go with E+S, she said i should go in march for her b-day, and maybe james would go too, or anyone else that wanted to. it'd be alot of fun :)

so my new songs are good charlotte - i just wanna live and chevelle - vitamin R
heard them on mtv this afternoon. lol katie and i talked for hours and devoured like half my apple pie. then im at my uncles tonight, god knows he'll have all kinds of junk food. then tommorow is thanksgiving. i'll gain like 10 pounds overnight lol! not that thats a bad thing, i really need to gain weight. not much, but some.

so i have an hour left before i get ready to go. blerg. ttyl all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I found your journal through your site, and I love the way you've added music to both of them! Is there any way you can share how you made that movie in Flash? Thanks!


1:24 PM  
Blogger crack said...

Hey S. Unfortunately, I don't know who you are or when you posted your comment, so I might not be able to help you unless you randomly come back here someday.

Using flash for music is actually quite simple, I'd be happy to give you a few pointers. Just let me know.

Mike =)

2:15 AM  

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