<333 first night has gone well

oh man, i could get used to this kind of life. for any one who hasn't picked up yet, i'm in holden at my grandparent's house for today and the next few days watching the dogs for them while they're away. it's really fun, as my grandmother has a lot of interesting books about lots of things, and good meditation/relaxation cds, plus it's quiet here and its just me and the dogs.

a good vacation from the hustle and bustle of home life.

so i'm watching crouching tiger hidden dragon, and i had to watch it dubbed because i couldn't find the remote to switch the options...and i realize now how different the lines are from the subbed version versus the dubbed one...they're saying stupid american phrases in the dubbed version and its annoying. but oh well. i still <3 this movie.

so im getting up at like 5:30 tommorow morning because i'll need to do a lot before i can leave, then it'll take me 20 mins to get home, then catch the bus. same thing for the next few days.

anyway, back to the movie. i'll be on occasionally in the next few days, but not too much as they have aol and i have no patience.

anyway, ttyl.


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