the move from there to here

so i'm moving back to blogger, because i realized how customizable it is again...doesn't this look beautiful? simply can't be done in lj.

anyway i want to make it interesting for y'all when you come here, so the entries will be fun and i'll try and have pictures and stuff. i'll still have and use my lj account but the majority of my entries will be on here.

hope you like the music- i know lyd will. =) it's kind of different but its nice for this type of design. may take a bit to load as it's a long song but it's worth it.

anyway, it's late so i'd better get to bed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Massive Attack = mega <3


11:21 AM  
Blogger crack said...

i thought you might like it!! :D

so glad you do.

<3333333 twippy

11:25 AM  

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