weird dreams and whatnot

so i had a dream that i was in two physics classes, and karp went on abut how hard it was going to be, and i have no idea why i was taking two classes. then i was driving home from some place on a motorcycle which was running out of gas and i went the wrong way around this little rotary but i lived becuse i was on a motorcycle. then i was at this weird spa place,and then i met someone outside the police station but he told me we couldn't stay to long becaus the police would suspect we were up to no good.

any body out there a dream interpreter? cuz that was really random. actualy i think i know exactly what they all mean, but i dont want to believe it.

so this week is going to be good, im gonna be spending tues-thurs at nana's watching the dogs. they have aol so i might be on a bit, but it wont be much. mostly i'll just be reading and watching movies and stuff. i think they want me to stay in the house the whole time, so i wont be able to really go anywhere which kinda sucks, but on the other hand i'm getting paid. which is more than i can say for tom's, from which i still dont have any hours. =(

update on bernie and phyls- my uncle is like struggling against conformity to get me a job there. this asshole boss (he is peter and jamie's boss) who i think had something to do with laying off the cafe people is pushing to get one person full time instead of a bunch of people part time. that means i wont get a job there, which BLOWS. that job would be perfect for me, i love that store and i'm very good with people. plus i'm the type that needs that kind of money. i ant afford these gas prices or insurance. it really sucks. im gonna be scraping the barrel just to pay insurance. im getting paid from nana this week, then i have another 2 and a half weeks to come up with the rest. hopefully i'll have a steady job by then. i really dont know about tom's. i hardly fit in there...

school is going well though, and thats a plus.

well someone's away message reminded me that i need to go take a shower. im sick of walking upstairs at like 2 after ive been up several hours and people are staring like "you just woke up?" and i'm like no fuck you.

so i'm out.


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